Kings of Leon get their Aldous Snow on?

Someone who knows I dig old Kings of Leon quite a bit played this video for me. He said, ‘You’ll probably hate it… and you are rubbing off on me because now when I see this stuff, it just seems wrong for some reason. ‘

(Unfortunately copyright laws don’t allow the video to play here on my blog so you have to click through to YouTube. And I apologize that there’s an annoying commericial that you have to sit through before it plays).

What could be wrong with that video? Well, I found a fabulous discussion of just exactly what is wrong…. starting with this comment and going on with a few other select ones I cut and pasted here. See the entire comments section here on this site for the full context of the comments. (Some people didn’t see anything wrong with the video at all)

Now, if you’re not getting the references to Infant Sorrow and African Child let me build your capacity here by sharing this killer video with Aldous Snow…. And then go see Get Him to the Greek which does unfortunately have Puff Daddy in it but is still a fabulous movie.

Again, apologies that you have to click through to YouTube to see it — Don’t forget to come back to finish up reading this post – I know how it can get once you start following links if you have a digital native’s poor attention span and lack of focus….


Is there really any ill will?

Why assume the kids are “poor black kids?”

Not to get all Uncle Ruckus on you…

You can also hear Kings of Leon themselves talk about the Radioactive video here (good news is no clicking through to YouTube on this one)

My favorite quote from the interview is:

“After my grandma sees this video, she definitely won’t think we’re going to hell as fast, you know, as she did think we were going….”

So, are you also understanding that the Kings of Leon won’t go to hell as fast now because they spent some time running around in the sunlight with Black children in the South? Right.

Or am I being mad sensitive and uptight and he means because they are going back to their roots and including gospel music in the song? I’m not nearly as irritated by this video as many other things I see, but there is still something that bugs me here, as subtle as it might be.

Well, at least we know now that you don’t have to go all the way to Africa to get your Aldous Snow on.


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5 responses to “Kings of Leon get their Aldous Snow on?

  • Tom

    Am I wrong to say that this continues to feel like a way to buy heaven? Play with some poor children and make a video. They even seem to recognize that is what they are doing with the grandma quote.

    I do not want to overly criticize KoL because I think that people, largely, do not know better. What upsets me is the fact that this will be inspiring to some people.

    Great find.

  • emily

    I think there was definitely a conscious decision to use BLACK children as opposed to just CHILDREN…as one of the commentators said, by using black children, it gives off a classist impression…then again, maybe they just wanted to use black kids cause they’re more attractive.

  • J.

    Everyone knows that it’s The Lady Who Knows All That Glitters Is Gold who’s buying her (stair)way to Heaven…

    On one hand I think it’s possible to overthink this stuff. Yeah, it’s annoying and grating. But for as good a groove as the Kings of Leon can lay down, you have to remember that they’re basically a bunch of dumbasses whose job is to a) keep up with the click in their headphones; b) make it to gigs on time and mostly coherent.

    On the other hand, this was Bono 20 years ago. This is how it starts. First a song about Dr. Martin Luther King, then a lot of hype around an ill-conceived plan to rescue Africa. This is precisely why rock stars should focus on their core competency: rocking.

    Let’s hope the Kings of Leon hear this message before it’s too late.

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